N.T.R (Nothing To Report)

Here, contrary to my habits, I’ve tried to explore the world freely, with abandon. My goal in this work is to set aside my natural instinct as a documentarian. This time, I didn’t want to tell a story, or “report” on something. Rather, these images focus on my aesthetic obsessions: light, composition, specific subject material, or just the shapes inspired by some errant fancy or momentary disillusion. Most deeply, I want to explore my attraction to loneliness—a notion I believe is closely linked to freedom. Despite setting my goal as “freedom,” once gathered, these images ultimately created a consistency and homogeneity that I didn’t really expect. In a sense, this assembly makes me admit my failure at an attempt to create something completely free. In the end, absolute freedom, in its most fundamental sense, doesn’t really exist. But these images are my attempts to approach it—even if it will always remain just out of reach.

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